Tuesday, February 8, 2011

All You Need Is Love - #2.

When I'm down, to cheer myself up I LOVE to...


Workout. Working out has come to be much more than a way to keep my weight loss going and my muscles toning. It has become my outlet. It's how I work through a cluttered head, how I cheer myself up after a long day, how I get out any anger or frustration, and how I perk up from a funk. Whenever I'm down, I hit the gym until I'm back to feeling like myself. I've grown to love this. I feel like a million bucks after a great workout, it literally always does the trick.

So working out isn't my only outlet. I also like to take a drive with music that matches my mood and let myself brood for a bit before leaving my problem behind and focusing on all the good in my life. If I need to vent I call Candy, she's always good for a vent session and by the end of it I'm usually laughing. I've been known to drive out and sit on the beach when I need to overcome a downer. And occasionally I hit the fro yo, hard, and that always seems to bounce me back either by pure joy at how good it is or a sugar rush, I'm not positive.

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Meghan said...

I couldn't agree more! A good long run can do wonders for my psyche!