Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fast Update.

Ok, I'd like to address something breifly before this post begins. Fasting is not typically something you make public (biblical fasting that is). Now, I broke that 'rule' if you will because this particular fast was a challenge from a blog reader so it was public to begin with. I personally don't think that's taken away from the spiritual aspect and benefits of it. I was met with some...criticism for talking about my fast openly. I respectfully disagree with the criticism but if you're bothered by it, feel free to not read about it, I will not be offended.

Anyway, the fast continues. Today was Day 14 of 22 (normally 21 but I want to finish with 2 of my friends). If you're wondering if it's getting easier the answer is yes and no. I'm past my caffeiene withdrawal and my cravings are greatly reduced though admittedly not entirely gone so those are positives. What is still tough is as someone who spends an hour and a half in the gym a day and is pretty active all the time - going without the protein and iron I normally get from meat has been really tough for me. I can literally feel my body crying for it during my workouts even though I've been eating peanuts, leafy greens, etc. It's just not having the same effect for me. Oh, and I take a multi-vitamin.

I'd be lying if I said it hasn't really taken the joy out of food (and drinks) for me. I mean, I'm doing it and I'm doing fine but I haven't been this unexcited by food maybe in my whole life. I have found a few things to be excited about like fresh fruit smoothies (no yogurt, no sweetners, naturally)...

After a quick trip to Whole Foods on lunch - drink: pineapple, banana, and coconut. Yum.

Also, turns out when food loses it's excitement you have to find something else to be pumped about on your lunch break. When I quit eating out to save money and lose weight, I would use my lunch break to go get a fountain diet coke during 'happy hour' (half price). Well that got nixed for the Daniel Fast so, what was I to do? Retail therapy filled a few days. Checking the mail and watching TV back home (I live 2 miles from work) filled a few. Went for a couple drives over the bay and back just to get out and see the water.

I've shared a little about what's been happening on the spiritual side of things with the fast but most of you are curious about what I'll do differently when the fast is over? This has been an interesting thing to muscle through. I know I won't stay vegan. Frozen yogurt and meats will be amongst the first foods added back in after the fast (slowly, so I don't get sick). But that's not to say this has been a failure in opening by eyes to some things...

I hope to stay eating fresh fruits and veggies with every meal (though maybe not AS every meal). I plan to stay away from the 4 a day diet coke addiction for good this time. Maybe 1 per day...or a couple per week even. I know, that's big for me. But I'm finding that I enjoy drinking more water...even though I miss my afternoon diet coke treat.

I've never been much of a bread or milk person to begin with so that hasn't been a sacrifice and it won't really be returning (occasionally I'll eat bread out but I don't buy loaves of it). I will keep at the whole wheat pasta since I finally found some I like, though that will be out for g-free month in March.

Oh the other question everyone seems to be curious about - do you lose a bunch of weight? This probably depends on which foods from the fast you're eating. If you eat all peanuts, pita chips, and chips and salsa - I'd guess not. My first week on the fast I lose a little under 3 pounds but I purposed to stay within my calorie goals for my weight loss AND I worked out everyday (which is tough when you're fasting). This hasn't been about weight loss for me, but I also didn't want to derail my progress.

Thanks for all your loving support and prayers. It's been a tough 14 days but the end is nearing and the benefits continue to out weigh the sacrifice.



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Anonymous said...

Can you have dairy? If so, eat cottage cheese, greek yogurt, ricotta cheese, mozz. cheese, etc. Those are fantastic sources of protein, as well as soy meat, and edamame (soy beans in the pod- you can generally find them in the frozen section) As a vegetarian, I crave protein occasionally, and these are always great go-tos for me!