Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lookie what I Found...on Sale!

The Honey - [n:booty fit] Curvy, Voluptuous and sexy are just a few ways to describe this silhouette's show-stopping effect. Fitted at the waist and contoured for the ultra feminine physique. Voluptuous never had it so good.

I am OBSESSED with Joe's Jeans ever since finding a pair in Indy over Christmas I convinced my Mom to buy me. Well, I went to Macy's the other night to return a dress with a broken zipper that caused a serious wardrobe malfunction just as I was walking out the door to work (it was bad, but it could have been worse if I made it to work first - ACK!). After returning them I decided to grant myself a few minutes to cruise the sale racks when I found on a clearance rack a pair of Joe's 'Honey' jeans (pictured above) on the 'extra 40% off rack. Ohemgee.

I quickly snatched them up and ran into the dressing room singing 'please fit please fit' in my head. They did! According to the tag they should have run up about 50 bucks, which marked down from 158 was still a great deal. I walked up to the register and asked her to double check for me that they weren't just misplaced (Joe's Jeans are hard to find on sale). She rang them up at....are you ready for this? $33! Um, done and done. I swipped my debt card so fast that sale clerk could feel the breeze. These suckers are mine.

I will have to revisit the alterations place (I just picked up my Paige Premium Denim jeans I found for a steal at Nordstrom Rack on Tuesday) because they're freakishly long on my 5'3 self BUT even with 9 dollars worth of alterations, they're a steal!

You all already know my theory about great jeans and fabulous dresses - when you find them for a deal, always buy them.



bekah brinkley said...

can't wait to make you twist my arm and drag me to the stores to find steals of a deal with you!!!!

aub said...

I'm glad you love the alterations lady!! :)

Anonymous said...

Same thing happened to me with an Alternative Apparel sweatshirt in the "fancy" section at Nordstrom. Was prepared to pay $30 (Normally around $50) and it was marked down to $15! To top it off, while at the hair salon flipping through People Style Watch and wearing my new sweatshirt, it was featured on the Trends Right Now page. Looks who's fashionable and didn't even try! ;-)