Friday, February 4, 2011

Reading v. Writing.

Well, the goal of 2011 was to focus on the writing of my first book which got a very small start in 2010 and then was pushed aside. I thought perhaps my lack of progress with said book was a result of reading too much in 2010, with the challenge to read 50 books keeping me busy til mid December. I tried scaling that challenge back knowing that my competitive nature would not allow me to fail at the challenge if I made it again this year.

Turns out even though I gave myself some slack with the reading, reducing this years goal back to 24 books (or 2 per month) has not inspired me to dominate the writing of my book. I finished 5 books in January alone so maybe my diligent reading was never because of the contest? Or maybe I just built good reading habits last year, I'm not sure. Regardless, taking the pressure off hasn't reduced my reading and it hasn't gotten me to delve into my writing.

I'm not sure what the solution is. I want to get crackin on this book but I'm still struggling to find my voice. Writing a book versus a blog entry is obviously a completely different endeavour and I find that I'm a bit overwhelmed. All big projects start from humble beginnings though, right? So my goal now is to sit down and list out what key things I want to be in the book. What makes what I have to say unique. What perspective can I offer that someone else could not. When I have that to direct me, I will be able (I hope) to really begin.

Until then I guess I will keep reading over people's work. I am currently reading a book called ' A Soft Place to Land' by Susan Rebecca White. I'm about 100 pages in so I'll keep you posted as I decide what I think.


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