Friday, February 11, 2011

A New Hero.

Ok so I thought I was bold taking on basically a raw vegan fast, a month gluten free, agreeing to take a months worth of pictures of myself (doesn't that mean I have to wear makeup everyday?), and reading 50ish books but this girl puts all of my blog challenges to shame. For one year she only spent $364 dollars on clothes. Bascially she bought thrift store items for $1 and altered them herself to make wicked cool clothes. Ok ok so some of them I wouldn't want to wear but she's impressive none-the-less.

You will absolutely die when you see how ugly some of the things she bought were and how cool she made them. This girl must have a lot of a time and a magic pair of scissors, I tell ya. Perhaps I should consider a challenge that involves limiting my clothing spending....mmm, nah. : ]

Enough gabbing. I want you to go to here and check out her before and after pics. She'll seriously wow you with her skills, she did me.

Thanks to my coworker, Madison, for sending me the link to this blog - I'm officially obsessed.


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