Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Ok, I need some help from my followers. I haven't asked for input since you all came through BIG in helping me decide some goals for this year but it's time for me to tap into you all as my resource once again. Lauren at Stamp 48 is doing a clothing challenge I think is really cool.

Here are the rules of her challenge:

The Rules:

1.I’ve picked 30 pieces of clothing from my closet (cami’s, tights, leggings, workout clothes, etc. don’t count).
2.Mix each piece over 30 days to create different outfits.
3.Don’t buy any clothes for 30 days.

Lauren and I met as bridesmaids in Candy's wedding last October and this girl is full of cool ideas and creativity. I just love following what she's up too. When I saw she was doing a clothes challenge I was excited to see what she'd come up with.

I'd talked previously with Lindsay who works at the radio station attached to my work and blogs at The Grown Life about her clothes related challenge of last year in which she, being the cool extremist that she is, wore the same dress every day of October. She posted the pictures of her outfit on her facebook but you can see them here. She did a good job, she even told me it took over a week for her coworkers to notice what she was up too.

When I took on challenge suggestions back in December for this year Lisa had offered up at idea of doing a clothes challenge but I ended up taking one of her other ideas instead (which I'll be fulfilling in March). But I got to thinking that it might not be a bad idea to combine a clothes challenge with April's challenge which involves posting a picture of myself everyday anyway.

I've gotten some of the best responses to blogs I've posted about fashion and more specifically my love for bargain shopping. I feel like for the most part, people like blogs with pictures and they're at least semi-interested in what other people are wearing. Does that make sense? So I'm considering putting a clothes challenge into my April of pictures but it would have to be just the right challenge. SO, what do you guys think? I'm taking all the input I can get to formulate something that works.

I don't want to commit to wear the same 1 article of clothing because A. I'm not as hardcore as Lindsay and B. I spend more of my weekends at the pool/beach so I don't want to be stuck in something work appropriate at the pool. So I'm probably leaning more towards something like Lauren's idea. But maybe a way to make it my own (well, I guess I shouldn't say MY own if I'm getting your ideas - but you know).

So rack your brains and let me know what you think. Most of you post to my facebook or comments - but you're always welcome to e-mail me @ thequeenbc@gmail.com



Lindsay Barta said...

Thanks for the shout-out! How crafty are you? Maybe you could be very "project runway" and try taking different non-clothing pieces and turning them into something clothing related. One every day for a month. For instance, take gift wrap and make a hairpiece, etc.

If that's too crafty or time-consuming, maybe you could try something like wearing the same accessory in different ways all month.

Anonymous said...


Tara said...

yess!! you should totally do this challenge!