Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cowboy Take Me Away.

Ok, so, sadly no cowboys around to take this girl away. I actually grew up riding horses though, so I should be able to ride myself off into the sunset if I ever need too. Sans cowboy a girlfriend is taking yours truly away for a weekend in the Florida Keys next month. Jess is a long-time friend and honestly, frequently my saving grace when life gets tough. As two high energy, tough-as-nails kind of girls we still accept that sometimes, you just need to get away.

After a particularly disappointing day last Tuesday I tweeted Jess (if you don't follow me on twitter, feel free - @thequeenbc) and begged her to run away for a weekend with me. I believe 'anywhere but here' may have been my exact request. As mentioned recently Tampa has my heart but even I like a little time away now and again. She quickly tweeted back that the same had been on her mind and we got to work planning a trip out of town and agreeing we may even pick a fake identity for the weekend like in those Vegas commercials (but for much less scandalous reasons, naturally).

The next time you see these faces posted it will probably be recapping our Keys Weekend in late-March. Can't wait to get away with a bestie and just take a vacation from life for a few days. I don't know why people always say you can't run away from your problems? I'm a firm believer that you can run away for a bit, as long as you come back and beat them afterwards. So for two worn out fasters with alot on their minds, this is going to be just the needed retreat - full of sunshine and the feeling of summer time.

Add the keys to my list of 2011 travels because my bags are as good as packed!




Ashley said...

I didn't know you tweeted! I added you just now! @ashleyo23

Jessica Corbin said...

Also, when we get back we should at least be this tan, if not darker, as well as thinner!