Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Making the Cuts.

I've been saying for, oh, 3 years or so that I'm going to go through my facebook and clean house. See for whatever reason my facebook friends number just kept creeping up and I was a little overly generous with who I confirmed. Later, as I passed from college to young adulthood I realized, I don't really need people I met one time in class, a study group, a party, or a football game having full access to my life.

I love posting pictures and thoughts on facebook and sharing them with people that I care about who sadly, can't be here in Florida with me. But, that doesn't include the people who pop up on my wall sharing their 2 cents and I think, who is this? Not only did I have too many people I didn't really know having the ability the stalk me on a whim, but interestingly enough I kept getting messages, comments, 'likes', etc from people I couldn't even rember how I'd met. It just got to be too much for me.

I love input. Ask any of my close friends and they're tell you I'm constantly asking their thoughts, opinions, and advice on everything from clothes to relationships to travel deals to workout regimines. I love sharing in life with people who are passionate about the things I am. I love sharing advice and tips and welcoming people into my friendship circle is like inviting them to be family. I take my friendships seriously and I love with all my heart.

That being said, what I don't enjoy is the people butting in where they're not wanted and I was getting a lot of that on 'the book' lately. So, consider this a little 'rest in peace' to the 102 deleted facebook friends of last week. I found as I delved in there were actually less of those people than I thought there would be (out of 1602 starting out) so the cleaning of house wasn't as extensive as I'd originally hoped but I will say, though they were less in number than I thought they made it feel like a lot. I feel like I just had a successful spring cleaning. Goodbye people I met once. So long weird Colts fans who add me. Peace out creepy male stalkers. It's been real, but this is the end of the road for us.

In a slightly funny turn of events, I've actually had several of said deleted people re-add me! Ack. Talk about awkward. But I'm done feeling pressured to confirm every requests. Some people simply do not need to know my goings on. You cannot be afraid in life to burn a few bridges. So, fairwell to all that were lost in the great facebook cleanse of 2011 and for those still around - glad I've cut away some of the distractions so I my news feed can be full of you!



Tara said...

Well since you've cleared out those people, you should add me on fb! :)

Patience said...

A little cleaning out of the FB closet is good every now and again.