Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cause I'm Out Here Grindin'.

I may be a teensy bit overly excited about the return of exciting food and beverages to my life - which is happening Tuesday. I had bought a coffee bean grinder a while back at Marshall's and had yet to use it (but those are hard to find at the right price). So today I bought some coffee and I got to grindin. Thought I'd sh Ghiradelli are in the exciting, delicious smelling moment with you all...

I may have had so much fun grinding all the new coffee that I did another bag of coffee I had in the freezer as well. Normally this is when I would say 'don't judge me' but seriously, I'd judge myself if I were you so go right ahead. But when you're done, I may just have a delish cup with your name (or initial) on it waiting.


1 comment:

Jessica Corbin said...

Next time don't grind all your coffee at once, just enough for a day or two. It will taste the freshest if ground right before using. And you better believe I can't wait to have a cup with you!!!