Friday, February 11, 2011

All You Need Is Love - #5.

What I LOVE about my friends is...

Well I should start by saying my sisters are my best friends of all.

Me & Rachel at the Super Bowl.
Ruthie and I before one of Dad's game in Indy.

Cookie. So thankful for this guy - what a great friend and man of God. : ]

Jon & I after seeing Wicked - God brought this guy into my life at just the right time.

E! Love love love this guy more than I can put into words.

Adam and I at a Colts game. : ]

My first Grace small group at one of our reunion dinners.
Some of my best girls out for my birthday this year.
Nancy & Bryn, my Tampa family.

Um, is everything an option? Look at these fabulous people, who wouldn't want them as friends? These right here, readers, are the people that make my life full of laughter (mostly), fun, adventures, play dates and occasionally - mayhem. I love them. But I guess you already knew that. I'm supposed to tell you why...

How much time do you have? I love each of my friends for unique reasons and each of them has come into my life in a season that they fit perfectly. I'm amazed at how perfect the Lord's timing from providing me my 'Tampa family' to bringing people like Jon into my life when we were going through such similar things that only we could understand and talk about. I'm incredibly blessed in the friendship department and I don't take that for granted because there have been very empty seasons of my life in which I didn't have people I love and trust like I do these guys.

Love, love, and more love,

Ps: Sorry to the friends that weren't pictured - yes, you were included in all the nice things I said and I love you dearly. xo.


Neely said...

Cute cute pics!

Kendra said...

Such cute pictures.!! I wish my dad coached football, haha. football must be running through your blood.

Sam said...

"Everything" is definitely an option! Friends are such a gift. :)

Cute pics, and thanks for playing! :)