Monday, February 7, 2011

All You Need is Love Prompt One ...

Here we go again....

I found this on Meghan's blog and wanted to answer this one for myself. So here we go...

When I need 'me time' I like to:

Drive over the bay and back.


One of my favorite things about the location of my 'batch pad' is that I'm blocks away from two bridges and sometimes when I need to clear my head and get back to feeling like myself I drive back and forth across the bay.

Go sale rack shopping.


When I get down on my luck or down in the dumps I can always cheer myself up with a bargain version of 'retail therapy'. I love to shop the sale racks and find something fabulous for so cheap it makes me giddy. On one such recent adventure to Nordstrom rack I found an amazing Max & Cleo LBD (little black dress) for 15 bucks pictured below...

Get Out of Town.


I love Tampa. It's why I live here. But sometimes when I just need to feel like me, I like to pack a bag and get out of town for the weekend. Make a mixed CD, roll the windows down, and let the breeze make my hair a tangle mess.

Read a Book. Sometimes I dedicate a whole day to being a bookworm.

Lay by my Beautiful Pool.

Write a Letter to a Friend.


Get Dolled Up and Hit the Town.


Meghan said...

That pic of you is SO CUTE! :)

star said...

I love your list! Getting dolled up is definetely a great way to forget your worries! Have a great day!

Courtney said...

a. love the pics!
b. LOVE the title of your blog (one of my fav JM lyrics!)
c. Thanks SO much for linking up with us! Can't wait for tomorrow too!