Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Additions.

I've shared before that ASOS has become one of my favorite online stores to shop but I'm going to give you a little more of a feel for why now. I recently got my future roommate (whoo hoo - April 2011) hook because while they're in the UK - they have free shipping here and back if you need to return (which I haven't had too yet). I've found some great steals during their 70% off sale they're currently having so I wanted to share a few new additions to my wardrobe.

$10.76 on sale. I love this. It's casual but it's cute and it looks so comfy. Reminds me of some of the tee's Candy and I have bought or tried on at Zara, only a lot more reasonably priced. With dark jeans and my orange loafers perhaps?

A travel hairdryer. Stumbled upon that in their 10 dollar and under section the other day and bought one in black since I am always traveling these days. I like pack light to save my back and my wallet a little trouble so this was a must have for 10 bucks for me.

I thought this was presh and I found it while it was marked down to $25 (it's back up to 50 for some reason). I think it's adorible and I thought it might be cute for 4th of July or something.

I got this bathing suit top for $7. I already have a black bottom that I like that cuts a little higher than the ever popular super tiny bottoms that are everywhere in Tampa. So I bought this one, because I love not having strap lines and it was super cute, and let's be honest - cheap.

$15. I loved this. It's cute, casual, but has Little big of an edge to it. So many fun ways your could play it up with jewelry too. Once I get a tan, whites actually a really good color for me. Not there yet for this season yet.

Lastly, I bought this cute little shirt for $20 but in black and white (black with white piping). I think it's so cute and I'm always in need of tops. I tend to overdo it with buying jeans and with dropping so many sizes recently my tops all swallow me. So it was time for a few new ones.

The sales still going on if any of you need a few cute pieces. My roomie got some great swimsuits and dresses for a cruise she's going on in May.

Just had to share.



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