Monday, April 25, 2011

Book Review: Baby Proof.

I've had this book on the self for a while, meaning to read it but getting distracted by new books that kept coming out. So finally in my excitement over Something Borrowed the movie coming out in May of this year, I decided it was time to get back to reading Emily Giffin. After skipping this book, her third, I read the 4th book last year - Love the One You're With which I previously wrote to you, was not my favorite. Giffin recently released a 5th book entitled, Heart of the Matter which I hope to read soon (perhaps I'll buy it on Kindle, I haven't been using my Kindle enough lately).

Baby Proof was a funny choice for someone like myself, whose somewhat neutral on the kid thing. Claudia and Ben, the perfect couple with big plans, excluding babies find themselves at a crossroad when Ben has a change of heart and the sudden desire for children while Claudia remains solidly in the 'no babies' camp. The book takes you through their ups, downs, and discoveries throughout. You see them grow as people and the author keeps you guessing on just how things will work out.

I laughed and cried as fell in love with both Claudia and Ben as well as a few others key players along the way. I felt myself torn between both camps and going back and forth between Team Ben and Team Claudia. A fun summer read for all and I highly recommend.



Jessica said...

I've never really gotten into Emily Giffin's books but know so many others who have! I might just have to give her a shot!... Hmm... perhaps I'll head over to Border's and buy on on my lunch break TODAY!

Ashley said...

I loved Something Borrowed! Haven't ready any more, but I want to!