Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dating on a Dime.

It's no secret that I love to have a good time but I'm always looking for ways to get the most bang for my buck. After taking Dave Ramsey's course I've purposed to live on a budget but to not allow my budget to limit my fun. You're only 25 once, right?

So in light of that I was thinking to myself the other day about inexpensive dates (lets not use the word cheap, because no girl likes a 'cheap' guy, right?). I mean as far as I'm concerned - thrifty is in, cheap is out.

So I took to the web and started reading through other peoples ideas of a good date on a dime and let me tell you there were some real loser dates mixed in there. While I love to volunteer, if you take me to a nursing home on a date (and it's not to meet your great-grandma) - there's a good chance that date will me our last. Painting the elderly's fingernails is just not the way I want to spend time with the person I'm dating. Volunteering, yes... but not a nursing home. I don't know why but that just sucks the romance out of it for me. Also, I do NOT want to make each other pillow cases...ever. And giving blood is NOT my idea of a date. Eck. Even if it comes with free movies tickets, I'm probably saying no to this one. Yeah, that was on a list. BUT have no fear, there were a few winning ideas as well...

Watching the sunrise or sunset. Not a bad idea at all especially when, like myself, you live only minutes from the beach. Basically free (have to factor is gas which is rather redic at the moment), totally romantic, and available to all. I give this a thumbs up. (from

Flee Market. I wouldn't have some up with this one on my own but I actually think that would be a fun date. I love to people watch and you never know what treasures you might find. ( from

Dress Rehearsal. Here's an idea I never would have come up with on my own - if there's a show in town you're dying to see but the tickets are too expensive, call around and see if you can buy tickets to the dress rehearsal. Apparently this is frequently possible but few people know to give it a try. Love this idea. ( also from

Cooking In. This one is listed a lot and I love this idea. I've really taken an interest in cooking lately and I keep the meals simple and inexpensive. But cooking for T or for friends is climbing my list quickly of favorite things to do.

Baseball Game. This one was also on several lists I read. I'm much more of a football girl than a baseball girl as you all know but baseball tickets are wicked cheap compared to NFL tix, and I love any outdoor sports venue, so I actually think this is a great idea. You can find baseball tickets (not the better ones) for 10ish bucks a piece. Great memories, good food...winning combo.
Camping Trip. I actually think a group camping trip sounds like a blast (and cheap). I've never really been camping (once, in a pop-up camper) but I'd be down. (from

I thought I'd get creative and give you a few ideas I came up with on my own so...

Dating on a Dime according to Me:

Museum Freebie. I happen to be a happy and loyal Bank of America customer and while depositing some money in the ATM a few months back I noticed that they have a list of museums their customers can go to for free, just for being a BOA cardholder. I got online and found out that here in Tampa I can go to the Tampa Museum of Art for free. I happen to love art so this is now going on the date list (Hey T - since you read this ...can we go? Please?).

Groupon it. I subscribe to Groupon and Living Social which send out daily e-mails letting me know about deals I can get my hands on. I keep an eye on them and last week I bought a groupon as a date. Thomas being history teacher and me loving to explore I bought us a groupon for 2 tickets to the Henry B. Plant museum - which I immediately thought would be a great date after reading the following from their website:

If you’re railroad magnate Henry Bradley Plant, in the midst of the sand swamps that would be Tampa, you construct the most astonishingly magnificent hotel of its day, then fill it with treasures from around the world.

With its splendid Moorish architecture, opulent furnishings, and spectacular tropical gardens, Plant’s Tampa Bay Hotel attracted a host of celebrated guests, from Teddy Roosevelt to Sarah Bernhardt to Babe Ruth.

A visit to the Henry B. Plant Museum and the authentically restored rooms of the Tampa Bay Hotel will transport you back to a time of indulgent ten-course meals, waltzing on the veranda and alligator hunting by moonlight.…The journey is still worthwhile

Doesn't that sound fun and romantic? And this thrifty gal bought the 2 tickets for $10 bucks. I think that's pretty reasonable for a date, don't you? I'll have to post about that after we go.

Similarly to keeping an eye on Groupons and Living Social deals, you should also check on occasion. It's a great way to get a good meal for less money and an excellent excuse to try a new dinner place.

Game Night. I love to play games. Actually, I love to win. But the playing part can be fun too (if I'm winning). I think this is a great group date. Having other couples (or even just friends) over to play games is one of my favorite ways to spend a weekend night.

Comedy Club. Some of you who have been reading my blog for a while may remember the challenge I took a while back. My friend and I after buying a book called '1001 Way to Meet Mr. Right' decided to try 10 places each from the book. I drew a night at a comedy club and while I didn't find Mr. Right it was actually a total blast. So I'm throwing this on my list of inexpensive dates. We found b1g1 tickets for 8 bucks and went as a group before, totally worthwhile. We also ended up getting given (while there) free tickets to a movie screening. It was like the date that kept on giving.

Day Trip. I love a good mini-road trip. I'm all for hoping in the car and going somewhere fun within an hour or two drive. In Tampa this leaves lots of options - beaches, islands, outlet malls.

Those are my top 5 but lets just say I've been more motivated than usual to think of such things so more may be coming soon. But in the meantime, I'd love to hear some good ideas from you all, what's your idea of a good, inexpensive date?



Miss Chelsea said...

I love the dress rehearsal idea! That would almost be even cooler than seeing the actual show hah!

Heather said...

The dress rehearsal is an awesome idea! We've been talking about wanting to get a group together and go camping too!

Lindsay Barta said...

1) I actually love the idea of giving blood to get stuff. I even structure my giving around the coolest giveaways.

2) I think the comedy club idea is awesome... especially if Thomas is doing stand-up.

mjm said...

We both enjoy cooking sonwe take turns cooking for each other. Afterwards we will curl up on the couch and watch things like House Hunters, cooking shows, or something that we DVRed earlier (we both like to watch NCIS). We also enjoy driving with no purpose and stopping at little stores and antique shops. However this might change is gas gets expensive. We also take walks or even go for a bike ride. It is more important to us to spend time together where we can talk than spending a lot of money.

Café Moka said...

I just love mini-road trips! We do that all the time!

Neely said...

baseball tickets in Dallas aint cheap!

Elizabeth said...

I love groupon too!