Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Well, it won't come as a surprise to you all that with gifts as my love language, I love holidays! I love an excuse (or will do so with no excuse) to send out cards or put together presents. It brings me so much joy to give people things, no matter how big or small. If you're not familiar with the 5 love languages you should check it out, it's taught me so much about how to relate to people in a way that makes THEM feel loved. But anyway...

Easter is one of what I like to call the awkward holidays. Not because Easter isn't super important, especially for those of us with Christian beliefs. But unlike Christmas and Thanksgiving for those of us with no local family - what exactly are you supposed to do with holidays like Easter? There's not really enough time off work to go home (plus that's wicked expensive) but it still has that feel of requiring family. It doesn't seem like you should spend a holiday with as much faith important as Easter alone or just hanging out poolside with needs something more than that, right? So, what?

Well sorry, this blog post won't actually contain the answer to that (although for me, this year at least, it will involve spending some quality time with Thomas and his family). This blog is actually about the creating of the ultimate Easter baskets. My Mom use to make us Easter baskets every year, even after we'd gone away to college (I don't, however, think were getting them this year...hmm) and I use to love getting them. They usually had a few fun items, a few practical, and some candy.

So I texted Marta & Lindsay and asked them if they wanted to go on an Easter basket making adventure with me Sunday afternoon. We met at my house at 3:00 and departed. The adventure included fro yo, 3 stores, a lot of laughter, an embarrassing video of me ranting about ping pong and Forrest Gump, Marta squeezing in the world's tiniest shopping cart, and 3 days of the boys trying to guess just what we had in store for them.

These weren't your typical brightly colored baskets full of jelly beans....

From left to right: Thomas's, Brenton's, & Zach's easter baskets for 2011. Containing everything from party cookbooks and beard trimmers to iphone cases and pastel ties to fedoras and chick flicks - we think we made the best Easter baskets ever. I have to say, Brent's being in a storm trooper head (that talks) may take the cake for this years most creative but hey, there's always next year.

I think each of the boys enjoyed their surprise and got a few things they love and/or need. Truthfully, we probably had even more fun making them than they did receiving them, but there's nothing wrong with that - right?

I hope each of you has a Happy, Christ-filled Easter filled with people you love.




Café Moka said...

My mom also used to make us some Easter baskets, I loved that tradition! Now, she doesn't make it anymore but she still gives us some chocolate :)

Lindsay Barta said...

Last night as we were walking out, Zach said "I don't think I've ever really gotten anything for Easter before."


Neely said...

How bad ass! I want :)