Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easy Dinner Ideas for This Week.

Loving the facebook feedback lately especially as it relates to easy meals. Turns out that what I write here isn't a waste of time since not only are people reading it but some of you are actually really making the meals - woot. Cooking is a rather new pnenom for me. Having someone to cook FOR hasn't hurt - but honestly, I'm enjoying packing my lunches now that they don't contain sandwiches or lean cuisines. And cooking on Sunday afternoons has become a relaxing addition to my weekend routine.

The Philly cooking cremes I've clearly become obsessed with were on sale last week at my grocery (Publix) so I actually tried 2 more of their recipes.

Sante Fe Chicken Enchilada Soup which was good but I have to say soup is just not really winning out for me over 'real food'. It's like salads v. meat and potatoes or something. I just don't get as excited about soup. But as far as soups go this one is delish AND paired with some chips and salsa, really not a bad little number.

I also made Baked Penne Philly style when Marta came over for dinner the other night. We both really enjoyed it. This was simple to make and VERY affordable (pasta usually is). I brought Lindsay some for lunch yesterday and her e-mail afterwards to me was:

That baked penne was the best penne pasta I've ever had in my whole life.

Seriously... delicious. And only 370 cals! BAM!

So if you're wanting to follow in my footsteps this week the baked penne is probably the way to go. Again, you could sub turkey for the beef or nix the meat altogether for my vegetarian friends. If you keep giving me positive feedback I may just keep giving you meal ideas. Hint hint.



Neely said...

Mmmmm that soup!

Mr. and Mrs. Smith said...

I'm going to have to check out the penne. I love pasta!