Saturday, April 9, 2011

Miracles Happen - An Update.

It is with great joy and a huge grin that I finally write a follow up to what continues to be my favorite blog post to date - Miracles Happen.

In that entry I talked about praying for a man I'd never met, to later be blessed to know that a miracle really did happen. I'm a little ashamed isn't taken me this long to tell you the next part of that story... A few days after that post Rich himself commented on my blog and said:

Becca, Thank you so much for your prayers and sharing your need for prayer. I will commit to lift you up regularly as the Lord leads. Please continue be transparent in your faith. God uses everything to ultimately glorify Himself. Warmest regards and press on friend, Rich

Soon after we became facebook friends. And later I would finally get to talk to him face-to-face in my office building for a first of several times since. And I have to smile at the kindness of a God that let me meet a mircle that came as an encouragement to me in a tough time.

As we approach our Tampa event for my work this year I was reflecting that this time last year my coworkers and I were praying Rich would have enough strength (while still doing the treatments) to bring his son's out to our event.

Rich came and since I didn't know him yet I remember tearing up from afar as I watched him doing the event with his boys. I wrote on his facebook the other day and it sums up exactly how I feel: Was thinking this morning when I saw your registration for the FKE that this time last year, we were praying you'd have enough strength to come with your boys. What an amazing year since then it's been. God is so good. : ]

I share this with you now to say that for those of you who read my blog and are of likeminded faith, we serve an incredible God. A God of mercy and of miracles. We should be quick to share those. Love, B


Mr. and Mrs. Smith said...

Another awesome post! God is GOOD!

lauren nicole said...

Indeed; we do serve an incredible God.
Great story.