Sunday, April 1, 2012

5 DIY Projects.

Pinterest really has me thinking about DIY projects. I like to be hands on. I've tried several times to talk myself into buying a groupon for a maid or for a month of meals but in the end I always back out. I like to do things for myself. There's some sense of satisfaction in completing projects, on my own.

Pinterest is DIY on crack, though. I can't imagine doing EVERYTHING by hand instead of buying it. Ever. Time is money and most the time I'd rather spend the money to save the time. But I sat down the other day and thought what would I consider doing myself, either for the fun of being hands on or for the money it would save. Here's a few ideas I got from pinterest that I DO want to try:

Enamel Painted Vases. I love these and the blog post I've linked to boasts that she found the vases at the dollar store. This would be a fun project that could jazz up book shelves quick. I also love the idea of being able to custom make the color you want to go with the room.

Freezer Crock Pot Meals. I pinned a while back a blog where a woman teaches you how to make crock pot meals, in ziplock bags, to freeze! Then you pull them out, toss them in the crock pot and ta da!...dinner. I love this idea. It's a DIY version of Dinner Done, in my mind. This seems worth the time and effor tto me especially if you made a few at a time on Sunday afternoon.

Homemade Laundry Soap. I think laundry soap is incredibly over priced and am constantly annoyed by spending money on it. Not only would this be a fun project and a money saver but I actually think this could be a cute house warming gift, if you put it in a pretty glass bottle (like a large wine bottle) with instructions. I've agreed to help a friend do some spring cleaning in 2 weeks, I think I will try'n make a batch before then and give her some as well.

Body scrub. I never would have thought of this myself but DIY body scrub makes so much sense to me. After making my own face exfoliator last week, I'm really rethinking this and liking the idea more and more. Again, this would make a great gift! You could mess up the kitchen making a few at a time and have them onhand for guests, gifts, or at home spa nights.

Homemade Seasonings. I think seasonings are a big fat waste of money - so I love this idea. I want to make these for myself as well as possibly as gifts in the future. I think this would be a cool thing to receive from someone!

What DIY projects has pinterest inspired you to try? Was it worth the effort? Did it really save you money?




Phil and Darby Hawley said...

Go for it girl! You will love those projects.

Amber said...

I hate buying laundry soap and spices too.. I am definitely going to find some recipes to make my own now!

Jessica said...

I make a really awesome sugar scrub!!!

lil desiqua said...
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lil desiqua said...

I've made a few recipes- they turned out really well! Now if I could just take decent food pics I'd be set!

Those projects look fun and easy- good luck!

Domesticated-Bliss said...

I've made 2 kinds of sugar scrubs and they're wonderful and super easy. I personally prefer the honey based ones to the oil based :)