Thursday, April 19, 2012

It's OK Thursday.

Its Ok Thursdays

It's ok.... block out time in your schedule to lay out. It's really the only way you get to relax, right? notice people's paint, carpet, and trim colors now that you're in renovation mode. be proud of yourself for working ahead so that you wouldn't be absent from your blog while out of the country but don't have to have guest posts or stale content. (some of you know how hard this is!) be making oodles of lists of spring cleaning/organizing/upgrading ideas that will keep you busy for May & June. have every weekend from now til the middle of summer booked. It's mostly fun things. ask your Mom to come spend time with you/spoil you for a weekend. wish your sisters lived close to you. say no. No no no no. laugh at yourself. get a new pair of glasses at the eye doctor every year because you're insurance will pay for it, even if you don't need them and you want lasik. have a massive stash of soaps and wall flowers but want to buy more every single time bath and body has a sale. (should insert saying no here) be the only person NOT worried about me going to Haiti. I'll be fine people, I promise if pneumonia 8 times and 3 should-have-been-fatal car accidents hasn't killed me yet, what's a little contaminated water and 3rd world living conditions, right? wear your hair up more than down. always be scheming something. Currently for me this includes using my credit card points to get a Bose system for my living room and my dining out to get a free airplane ticket. be literally obsessed with the group texts I've been having with Jo and Mia lately. Hilarious. Love those girls. Who will entertain me while I'm cell phone free in Haiti? insist that everything have a place. Every single thing. be dreading building a new set of shelves I bought for the garage. Blah. Maybe I can bribe my guy neighbor to do them with dinner.... be motivated by new music on my ipod. I love working out to new (or new, old music). love your life and work to change the parts you don't.




Amber said...

I love that you block time to lay out.. I'm not surprised ;)

I get a new pair of glasses every year too, and definitely want lasik, but it's so dang expensive!

And, I most definitely wear my hair up more often than not!


Established: 2008 said...

I love that last one! It is ok to work on stuff! But it's also great to remember the wonderful stuff too! Happy Thursday.

Ashley Canfield said...

Ahhh there were too many things I agreed with in this list to even begin to list them here! You're one of my favorites love!

Neely said...

My weekends are booked too! Part of me is excited and part of me wants a chill weekend haha

lil desiqua said...

Hey, is the company is gonna pay, you might as well get the glasses! And saying no... I need to learn how to do this!

Love your list!