Sunday, April 8, 2012

Time Out.

I love my life. On the good days and on most of the bad days. But even I find that sometimes you just have to call time out. We all get in these ruts where nothing goes right, or so it seems, for a while. I've been surviving a long phase like that myself. To combat this I've decided to allow what I will from here on out refer to as 'time outs'.

Last Wednesday my plans (to work late) got cancelled last minute and I suddenly had a free night. I quickly texted Jess to see if we could get fro yo. I knew it was a long shot since we were both at work by then and it was only a few hours away but I figured, why not? Thankfully she was free and in the mood for fro yo as well AND had experienced an equally yucky day. I agreed to fly out the door and over the bridge to the St Pete side of town which is when I remember that Jlo works over there some of the time. She didn't take too much coaxing before she agreed, she could use some friendship and fro yo too.

That night turned out to be the best night of my week, sitting around talking with two girls I have come to adore! I of course had to relay (twice, once for each girl) the story of how I tried to take a tank top to the tailor who wanted to charge me 16 bucks...when I determined I didn't want to use him and screamed in my face that I owed him 6 bucks for 'wasting his time'. It was awful. Naturally I was so overwelmed I gave him the money and then got in my car and used my iphone to promptly write exactly how I felt about my experience online for when people google him. Yeah, take that!

Anywho, as I left yogurtology after 2 hours of belly laughing I thought, 'that was exactly what I needed'. I promptly said as much on my facebook status and later realized Jess had posted the exact same status. Turns out we all needed a time out from real life to just enjoy ourselves, stuff our faces, and laugh.

So consider this post my thank you - to friends who have stepped up to bring me so much laughter and happiness during a rough time of transition in my life. And my encouragement, to you, to take timeouts when you need them. Don't let life weigh you down and don't be afraid to put the 'crap' in your life on the back burner for a few hours and have fun. Turns out, returning to take care of business afterwards isn't quite as daunting!



Leanna Vera said...

That sounds like the absolute perfect way to destress after a rough day. I'm glad to hear that you have such wonderful friends!

Jennifer B said...

Don't forget Old Navy where I spent more money on a bathing suit I was excited to get money back on and then that didn't work. Oh well, now I have a suit for pool day!

Jessica said...

Don't thank me....thank you for coming up with the fro yo idea! I needed it!