Monday, April 16, 2012

Can You Keep Up?


The last few weeks have been insane! With trips every weekend, planning for the home renovations, prepping to the leave the country for a week (doctors appts, etc), entering event season for work, and all of the usual weekly events of workouts, cooking, cleaning, friends, letter writing, and recently ebaying - life has been crazy! If you're having a hard time keeping up, even with the help of this blog, you're not alone! I'm having a hard time keeping up with myself!

The last few weeks have been incredibly rewarding from time with my best friend to time with my family, I wouldn't trade a moment. As I prepare for Haiti I feel an anxious excitement for what's to come. I believe I will come back from Haiti with clarity on some big steps that are coming soon. I hope that by getting outside of my routine, I will be able to hear the Lord's voice clearly. I am going with high expectations and believing the Lord will meet me in a small mission in tent city.

I thrive on the drama of being busy. I love to have barely attainable goals, lengthy to do lists, and scheduled rest times. My best work is done this way. But I have gotten increasingly better at knowing my limits. When I hit the point of drinking over 100 oz of caffeine and doing more than 5 tasks at once, it's time to regroup. I've pushed myself the last few weeks to work harder in prep for this trip as well as to pay in cash for my home renovations and I'm happy to report that I have accomplished both. The Lord has really blessed and multiplied my work in these two areas.

So with sleepy eyes and a full heart I want to raise my coffee cup to productive days, too short nights, and lofty goals being met. Life is short and I'm living it hard.



Nichole said...

Yay for meeting goals! Hope you get everything out of Haiti you're looking for

Kendra said...

God grants us in these ways. I am sure as soon as its all over you will be wishing to do it all over again. Have a great day friend!

Lydia - Running Wild(er) said...

You're like superwoman...and I'm impressed!

lil desiqua said...

You ARE busy! But it's so great to be able to sit back at the end of the day and look at all the great accomplishments you've made and how far you've come! You're awesome!

Amber said...

You rock Bec, seriously. I admire your ability to get sh*t done! ;) Cheers to productivity!