Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spring Cleaning Project - the Pantry.

Note: It's weird as I write this I know that it will post while I'm in Haiti. So um, hey from the Caribbean? Hope you enjoy the posts this week and forgive me for slow responses, I'll be back the 28th. Hope you'll still stay tuned here, I've worked hard to keep interesting content in my absence.

I was slow to jump on the Pinterest bandwagon. First off, when I got in my invite and logged in I thought 'this is completely overwelming!'. Then when I realized how it worked, it grew on me slowly. When I later found out it has amazing organizational tutorials and blogs as well as cleaning tips and gift ideas - I came over to the dark side!

If you follow my board you may have found, liked, or judged my OCD pinboard which I started to tag all the amazing organizational and cleaning ideas I've found and want to put into practice. I have found some serious heros via Pinterest! These women are legit.

Let me introduce you to my pantry hero:


This is amazing. I wish that my pantry looked like this. BUT I'm planning on revamping mine in May when I do my official spring cleaning, condo upgrade, and guest bedroom project overhaul! So, while I had that $50 One King's Lane giftcard I got a canister set (for free) that looks like this:

I had been keeping an eye on similar items at Big Lots and Target - but the prices still seemed a bit steep and I was hoping to find them clearanced. Then when OKL had them AND I had a giftcard I thought, perfect! I want to move away from having bags of baking supplies and into having organized, easy-to-find and easy-to-keep-fresh baking supplies in canisters.

A few days later I pinned this - a magic decal tutorial that teaches you how to label your canisters for good. I think I'm going to have to do this, right?

I have a few silver canisters now that will be used in my coffee cupboard. I've also been saving glass jars (because I kind of hate the idea of buying them) to make my own seasonings in, eventually. Ragu pasta sauce in the glass jars was recently bogo so I started with those. I may still have to buy a few for various projects but I figure as much as possible, I will use what I would have otherwise thrown away.
I'm in the process of saving up and cleaning out some BIG glass jars for homemade laundry detergent which I plan to make soon. I find that the large sangria bottles are my favorite, so I snagged a few from a party recently and delabeled them.

I'm still in the market for a great spice holder for my pantry so if anyone knows of a great place to find them, shoot me a comment or e-mail!

What organizational project are on your spring cleaning list?

Have no fear - before and after pictures will happen for this project and many others!



Leanna Vera said...

My food cabinets are always such a hot mess...I can't wait to have a house with a real pantry some day so I can keep it more organized!

Hope you're having an amazing time in Haiti!

Amber said...

I loooove the organizational pins on Pinterest.. they're my fave! I love the look of the glass canisters so you can see what's in them!