Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Working for the Weekends.

I'm afraid the next couple weeks I'm really going to be itching for the weekends. But before you think that's to get out of work some of the weekends are actually FOR work. I know I'm not the only event planner in my blog circle so many of you will relate to this... I'm entering the time of the year where the fruits of months of labor come together in events.

Obviously while you read this I'm in Haiti. I will return Saturday night the 28th and spend Sunday getting all the furniture into the guest bedroom for the painter to start May 1st. But after that the next couple weekends are insanely awesome. Ok wait, the first weekend in May will be low keyish. As low key as I ever am. Since the house will be in full blown upgrade mode I will be in town, hanging out, and getting things done.

The following weekend (May 12th) we have our Tampa Father & Kids Experience where Tony Dungy will be speaking. We're expecting about 1500 Dads & Kids. I've been working on this for weeks as you can imagine so I'm excited to kick off event season in our 'hometown' with one of my favorite men leading the way!

After that I leave Wednesday the 16th for Washington, DC! I will be there for 6 days with my cousins, aunt,uncle, the city, and Leanna! I am thrilled. This trip is exciting on so many levels. I love big cities. I love to explore. I love to get away. I love to experience.

I will return on a Monday and by that Wednesday the fun will continue with a visit from my Mom who will be in town just shy of a week, though spending the first few days (while I'm working) with her best friend on a little road trip as I understand it. Once the holiday weekend hits we'll be sunning, funning, fro yo eating, and guest bedroom decoring machines. I can't wait! My Mom's visited me once before in Florida and we had a blast! I've been begging for a repeat and I'm finally getting my wish.

After she leaves (boo) I'll head out a few days later to Alabama to work our Auburn event! I've never been to Auburn and I'm stoked to check out their stadium and work there for 2 days. I love to visit new places and to add stadiums to my list. You know you're in love with football when you keep track of all the stadiums you've been too, right?

The next few weeks promise to be crazy but packed with fun. Don't worry, I'm carving out time for the blog and friends during the weeks to come as well. But if you're hoping to get some face time in May you may want to put in your request soon, it's looking like this spring is going to be a blur!

Also to come over the Summer:

- Myrtle Beach Trip
- Best friend visiting
- Girls weekend with Mia, Jo, and Amber
- Possibly Daytona Beach to see my sister, bro-in-law, and niece
- Several other pending visits from friends
- Several other pending work events

Thanks for sharing in the excitement with me!



Neely said...

Seems like you have some AMAZING summer plans. Sometimes weekends need to just be low key...I think we ALL need that. Hope you're doing well friend.

lil desiqua said...

Oh my GOODNESS! Sounds like a super fun and exciting couple of weeks coming up!

Hope Haiti is treating you well!