Thursday, August 20, 2009

10 Reasons I Love Fall!

Fall is just around the corner and I for one couldn't be happier! There are so many reasons to love fall, don't you think? Granted, there won't be many leaves changing here in Florida BUT I still have plenty to be excited about. Here are 10 Reasons I Love Fall...

- Great deals on sandals! I love sandals more than is healthy. This pair I got last week on sale at DSW (my favorite). I already have them in snakeskin. Made by b9, they're fantastic and comfy. Hit up for more fantastic deals. This website may also help you with the next reason on my list...

-Boots season! I love a good pair of boots. From Uggs (which I admit are ugly, but make my feet feel like heaven) to knee high leather boots (also got a pair of those at DSW last week). Fall rolls around and I'm ready to bust out some boots.

- Football. My favorite season is football season. Seriously. Must have for fall number one for me is tickets to football games. Sunday afternoons & Monday nights are date-night with my TV! I'm ready for some football...a Monday Night par-tay.

- School supplies. Ok, so I'm not IN school but who cares? I can ALWAYS get excited for 30 cent packs of paper and a new box of crayons. I mean, surely I can find a 'real world' use for glue sticks, right?

- Burberry. Three years later and I still never get tired of the time of year when I get to pull out my Burberry scarf and sport it like it's my job. I love me some BB-plaid!

- My birthday! Who doesn't love their birthday? And mine is in the Fall! It's hard to believe I'll be 24 next month (and Ruthie will be 19!).

- Holidays! I love the holidays. Halloween because I get to wear costumes. Thanksgiving so I can see my Mom's whole side of the family. (And Christmas but I realized after I wrote it in, that's actually winter)

- Warm days, chilly nights. That's my favorite kind of weather.

- Fall clothes. Layers. I love layers.

- My hair doesn't struggle nearly as much in the fall as in the muggy summer here in Tampa. Good hair days, what more could I person want from a season? Oh yeah, and my makeup doesn't melt! Whoo hoo.



Ebony Jewel said...

OMG your last reason would be the absolute first reason why I love fall!! I was just telling my BFF the other day that the humidity in GA does nothing for my hair except for make it frizzy and completly unmanagable!

I have become a DSW addict by association. The owners of the company/project I'm assigned to also own DSW (well it's owned by their wives). So I've fallen in love with the store recently, because when I travel to Ohio, I get to see the "latest."

Becca Christensen said...

Ha ha - yes, hair is important. And summer here is murder on us straight haired folk. Gees.

Jealous you get the inside scoop! I love DSW. There's one just down the road from my work so I frequent it and stay up with what they have. I need to hit it up for some new running kicks this week - the ones I have now are murder on my calves.