Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Myth Buster.


Football season is HERE!  I for one, couldn't be happier.  I hate when it isn't football season with a fiery passion.  Every time another sport comes on I wish it were football season again.  In my book no other sport can come close to competing!  

In honor of the beginning of another football season I wanted share with you an aspect of being a coaches kid that I have a love/hate relationship with.  Questions.  When people find out your Dad is a football coach they are eager to ask you questions.  Some of them are valid, while most of them are completely ridiculous.  We will dwell on my favorite of the later, because it's funny.  And I for one, like laughter at the expensive of poorly thought out questions.

My all time favorite question people ask me when they find out I'm a coaches kid (and keep in mind I've answered this well over 100 times) is... *drum roll*

Do you sit on the field?!

Well gee, have you ever noticed an entire section of families sitting on the field? No.  Do you know why?  Because in the name of all things football worthy, it's a full contact sport.  We don't sit on the field because no one sits on the field.  I sit in the stands with everyone else and scream my guts out.  And on a few choice occasions, scream at some ignorant fan who makes the wrong comment about someone I care about. 

I will admit though, this one still always make me laugh.  Actually, I guess while were on the topic if you have any reasonable questions (that cannot include how much money coaches or players make) shoot em my way via e-mail or comment and I'll answer them.  If they're stupid, I do reserve the right to mock you openly though. : ]

I can't WAIT for Colts games...I'm so excited I can hear the warmup songs in my head.



Anonymous said...

Let's just say... HERE WE GO STEELERS, HERE WE GO! :-)

Josh said...

Haha that's funny, though I kinda figured you would get more outrageous comments than that though. Sometimes I shied away from talking Colts with you cuz I figured you pry had all kinds of people wanting to talk to you about them lol. But yeah I'm excited about this season too. :)

Becca Christensen said...

Lisa - No. No no no. : ] Ha ha, just kidding. One of my good girlfriends is also a huge Steelers fan. So I'll let that one slide.

Josh - I have had plenty of them. Maybe I'll share more some other time. But to me thinking people sit on a field in the middle of a game is redic. You can talk Colts with me anytime because a. you know football and b. you know the Colts. : ] So you're safe.

Stacie said...

Gosh, I haven't been tail gating in forever. I miss it so. :-(

Signings are great, I just wish I was a better writer so more people would come out, haha!