Monday, August 24, 2009

New Adventures.

At the suggestion of my new small group coach, Paige, I've signed up to start reading and reviewing books! It's seems like a great way to get FREE books and it will keep my skills for reading and writing tuned up as I have to write a review on my personal blog and for amazon or a similar company. I will be writing for Thomas Nelson Book Review Bloggers (link at the bottom of my page).

Paige has been writing reviews for a while and you can check out her personal blog at - she's great. I've enjoyed getting to know her more throughout my journey towards small group leadership (for my church).

I just picked my first book to review and it is titled, ' Fresh Start' by the youth pastor from Saddleback Church. I'm excited to receive it and 'get to work'. I have come to enjoy blogging so much in the past year that I want to continue to try out new ways to expand my arena as a blogger. Suggestions are welcome.

Also, I want to continue to review events, especially ones that benefit charities so please keep me posted if you have one in mind you think I should be attend and write about. I use the term review lightly because I haven't written a negative charity event 'review' yet. I enjoy experiencing events and helping out and writing about them gives me a chance to share that with you and hopefully encourage people to also get out in their neighborhoods and support the people and organizations that are trying to make a difference in our community! So keep me posted.


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Josh said...

How does one become a reviewer of books? It sounds like an interesting opportunity that I wouldn't mind checking out lol. I think I would enjoy a free book here and there! :)