Saturday, August 29, 2009

Airport Chic.

One fashion topic that has always been of notable interest to me, is how to dress when you travel.  Growing up my family was insane about driving absolutely everywhere.  With Dad's job it was impossible for him to take off time during football season but he always got vacation in a large chunk during the summer.  During these weeks we would take an intense 6 week road trip as a family and live out suitcases, seeing old friends and spending time in the mountains and on beaches.  These are some of my best memories of my childhood.

During these trips my sisters and I usually travels in pajamas or some semblance of athletic wear.  Rolling out at each stop looking a touch above homeless.  I always enjoyed the scrub down that would follow upon arriving at our next destination.  I don't consider myself prissy but I do despise feeling dirty.

Flash forward to now and I almost never drive
 places (mostly because I would be doing so alone).  I do however, find myself flying regularly.  This will increase with my new job, as I will be traveling to events.  I love to travel!  Seeing new cities, visiting friends, being with my family.  Always the people watcher, I'm curious about the ensembles that people wear in the airport.  I use to travel (I'm embarrassed to admit) via airplane with similar outfit taste to my old road trip days.  However, when you reach adulthood it's frowned upon to sport your pjs in airports - or so I've come to feel.

Also, you never know who you're going to meet when you travel.  I've been offered jobs.  Met guys.  Found new friends.  All things I prefer not to do looking like I just woke up.  While I want to maintain a level of professionalism I also want to be comfortable.  Who wants to all dressed up to me smushed between strangers watching Gossip Girl dvds on their laptop? Not I.

InStyle does pictures from time-to-time of celebs in the airport and how they look when they travel.  I also decided to google 'airport chic' and see what I came up with.  Here are the results...

Charlize Theron.  I like this.  She found a way to make a blazer look casual and comfortable.  I would have felt much more comfortable with myself had I met the man who offered me a job dressed in this.  I believe I was sporting a Colts hoodie that trip. 
This is Gwenth Paltrow and I found this image on LeFashion's blog.  This one is okay in my book but I don't really prefer that bag-lady-ish scarf.  I know those are 'in' right now - but I just don't dig it.  

This image taken from is of Jennifer Aniston.  I think she looks plenty cute but also comfy.

There are a few great individual pieces I like in the September InStyle.  As I'm sifting through my closet this weekend to analyze my work wardrobe I will need to keep in mind what I should wear on my upcoming trips.  I'm headed to my parents home next weekend for Labor Day and taking a 3 hour road trip Saturday while I'm there for a friends wedding in Ft Wayne, Indiana.  I've been looking forward to this trip for months!

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