Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Decision Makers.

As I've been gearing up here at Impact for this years Fall Retreat I was reminded of this time last year when I was visiting my family back home in Indiana. I asked my Dad to record a video for us, giving a message to the teens in our program. Impact is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping high school students build healthy lifestyles. Our Fall Retreat's are an amazing experience and if you're in high school (or have a high schooler) here in the Tampa area I encourage you to come/send them! We are building strong leaders that as my Dad says in the video, we need!

Regardless of your age I hope you could relate to the video, as I know I can. I am always striving to be the kind of decision maker who has an Impact.

For more retreat information or to learn more about our program visit: http://www.whatisimpact.com/

I hope you enjoyed a little view of my Daddy & my work.




Pat said...

Oh my sweet Becca, I love, love love you!! and I love your Dad! How cool it was to see him take the time to encourage the teens! I am not surprises though, he has always been there for us!
You are one special young woman. I am honored to know you!!

Pat said...

ps...I meant, I am not SURPRISED!!!