Wednesday, August 5, 2009


'Three Rules of Work: Out of clutter find simplicity; From discord find harmony; In the middle of difficulty is opportunity' - Albert Einstein

I would just like to take to time to say...WHEW!  Sitting amidst the clutter and chaos that was my desk I have felt bogged down in work yet to be done lately.  Trying to find anything in that mess was murder!  So today I took a break from the endless sea of to-do's and I went trash crazy!  I filed all the important documents and anything laying around for whatever lame excuse I'd made to keep it got trashed.  My files are in order, there are no stray papers, I brought 2 bags worth of my personal items that had somehow made their way to work home, and I can now breathe in my office again!  I might even be able to find a document for you, should the need arise.


I feel relieved and ready to take on the tasks at hand.  Good timing as tomorrow is a 13 hour work day for me.!

This weekend I'm going to tackle my clutter at home.  Eeeck.  Things to look forward too.  Just wanted to blog to say that I have trashed the clutter in my work life and you should too.  Going into tomorrow I'm thinking 'simplicity, harmony, and opportunity'.  Who's with me?

My post-cleaning tweet: 'Dear desk @ work, you have been OWNed.  Love, B

Off to shower and head to church for a small group meeting.  I'm considering being a leader in the future!


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