Friday, August 14, 2009


Today I will say fair-well to a coworker over lunch as she heads to Cambodia (in southeast Asia) for two weeks!  While there she will be working in a center that rehabilitates women coming out of sex slavery.  Many people in the US are shocked to realize that not only is slavery still very much alive but spreading like wildfire in the plummeting economy.  Here's a video my coworker, Joy, made for her blog about Human Trafficking:

Until Joy entered my life Human Trafficking was not at the forefront of my mind.  She has educated me on several occasions and opened my eyes to how much human slavery there is here in my country, my state, and even my own city.  I love her heart for people caught in this trap.  Her desire to see the the broken healed.

If you'd like to follow her in this journey you can read her blog at:

Tonight I'm going to a benefit concert the proceeds of which will benefit the Coalition for Human Trafficking here in Florida.  Put on by a group of fabulous young men at I find that I am even more excited by the idea of college-aged boys being aware and active in this cause.

I will be going out to show my support and enjoy the musical talents of those involved.  You can watch for a blog soon after.  Or better still, if you're in the greater Tampa area and just didn't know about Sing: Freedom yet, e-mail me for details - you can come along!

Sunday I will say goodbye to a precious student and friend of mine as she heads to college!  She's been involved in the program I run here in Tampa since long before I was on staff and while I'm excited for her to move on to bigger and better things.  It will be bittersweet however, because I will miss her here.

In keeping with the theme of goodbyes my precious Mer is headed back up to the midwest for good this weekend.  I miss her already.  Thank goodness I have Alyssas wedding in a few weeks to look forwards to seeing my Indiana girls at.

I look forward to seeing all of these wonderful women do big things in the near future. 



irishphotog said...

I'm encouraged to see another person going on a humanitarian trip. I leave Monday for Haiti and am starting to freak out a bit about it- but seeing that you know someone who is going somwhere just as dangerious and poor is encouraging- binding even- because it makes me feel connected to others in spirit who share my desire. As always, thanks, B. :-)

Momma Hopes said...

it's so wonderful seeing other people be so caring, and getting involved, i would love to go on a trip and help someone..... seems amazing. inspiring.