Thursday, February 25, 2010

Book Five: Accidental It Girl.

I just finished a girlie chic-lit book entitled, 'Accidental It Girl'. It's about a paparazzi photographer who's run in with a boyishly cute actor leads her down an (in my opinion) overly expected path to romance. The book was horribly simple in plot and left nothing to the imagination. It also, unnecessarily had bad language, which I'm not inclined to appreciate. But it had come recommended and I thought it was worth a shot. I almost didn't finish the book but after spending a few dollars from my precious 'entertainment fund' (other budgeters will appreciate this) I felt obligated to finish. Plus, I've got to get caught up on my 50 books for 2010 challenge.

Here's what I DID like about the book. The girl was totally quirky. I have a soft spot in my heart for quirky girls, being one myself. In my professional life and even many of my acquaintances don't get the chance to see this, as I'm make sure to be organized and on top of things in my day to day life. But my personal life is full of quirk. In fact, once I punch out for the day, I let all my quirkiness come to the surface. That's one great thing about living on your own!
I've had my fair share of...interesting...roommate experiences. But there's something great about being able to check your bag at the door as you walk in each night and just be you. However weird, quirky, open, or odd that may be. For me this could be anything from drinking out of the 2 liter bottle to my obsession with criminal minds, or my hatred for wearing pants around my house. Yeah, I said it.
We all have fun little quirks and in the book, her quirks are what the guy she ends up with appreciates about her. I love that. I hope someday when I decide to settle down (or at least tart seriously dating again) I'll find someone who not only can handle my quirks, but loves me for them.

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