Monday, February 15, 2010

Book Four of 2010.

Just finished Stephanie Meyer's second book in her Twilight series, called New Moon. I had read Twilight (the first book) sometime last year before seeing the first movie. Unlike many of Meyer's fans, I wasn't instantly addicted. I think she's a compelling writer and the way she weaves a story is certainly entertaining. I wouldn't say it drew me into obsession or that I couldn't put it down, but overall, I enjoyed the book.

I will make one comment I hope wouldn't offend Meyer, should she for whatever reason read this blog entry. And that is this, I find it disappointing that the most read romance of my generations literary era has been a book about vampires and werewolves. Literature is certainly not what it once was. While I support expanding the imagination as well as the mind, I find myself slightly saddened by romantic literature these days.

I'm sure some of you are wondering and yes, I will read the next one in the series. I'm not sure if I'll do it right away, but eventually.

That's four books so far this year, but leaves me trailing far behind my partner in reading crime. I need to get in gear!



H246 said...

I totally agree about Mrs. Meyer. I honestly, don't even think she's a good writer. I read the first book and thought it was good, but not good enough to continue the series. Now..the movies, I do love! :)

Laura said...

I am one of the instantly addicted Twilight series readers, and trust me, I did not want to be at all. Once I started reading the series, I just couldn't put the books down though! I didn't like New Moon very much at all, but maybe that's because I'm Team Edward. I LOVED Eclipse (the 3rd book)! It is my favorite out of the series.
I just love her easy to read style. I love that it is a "simple" love story and I don't have to understand symbolism or other complex literary elements to enjoy the story (unlike some of the more classic/well known literary romances throughout time).

Anonymous said...

haven't read it, but know it's this generation's "obsession" -- I have heard horrible things about it from a Christina perspective and strongly encourage you to rethink your choice of reading materials. If I recall from the synopses I've read . . . . it's all about a vampire obsessed with an underage girl with whom he wishes to have a sexual relationship? Doesn't sound all that wholesome to me.

Becca Christensen said...

H246 - While I don't think she's a life changing writer, I applaud her ability to create something people will devour. That's success in the writing world, right?

Laura - I too can appreciate simplicity in writing. Sometimes you want complex, sometimes you want a mindless reading experience that requires little effort. Life is about balance,yes?

Anon - I'm afraid I have zero idea who actually wrote this comment (one small draw back to allowing people to comment without their name). But while I see great intentions behind your suggestion and think all 'entertainment' should be carefully considered I would offer you a challenge as well...I tell my Mom so often when she makes bold statements about Harry Potter, Twilight, etc. that there is a level of unfairness in judging anything you don't personally know about. Twilight is actually the first book in...years? written to be a non-christian romance story in which they wait until they're married to have sex. While the vampire (being without the ability to 'die') is certainly older than the desire of his heart, is HIS decision that they will not have sex before marriage which at one point he explains as his desire to 'protect her honor'. I give Meyer 'mad props' for this. While, not unlike Harry Potter, their is a magical, mythical element to the characters, I can appreciate the expression of imagination. I do feel, that parents should consider if their children are yet at an age to muscle through in their minds fact from fiction. But at 24, I think I am reached that point.

Thank you to all three of you for your comments and readership.