Friday, February 12, 2010


I got my first Valentine of the year when I returned from my trip Monday afternoon. Thanks Di, loved it! It got me excited about the big v-day this year. I know I don't talk about this much but even though I have been dating a bit, I'm not exclusively seeing anyone so therefore I'm not spending Valentines with a boy. Instead, I've decided to make it a fun girls weekend.

The girls and I will be hitting Ceviche in South Tampa (my new hood) & then catching a showing of the new movie, Valentine's Day. I have to admit just the cast of this movie was enough to strike my fancy. So I'm pretty pumped to see it. In fact, there are several movies out lately that I want to see including The Lovely Bones (weird book by the way) & Dear John (good book by the way). I'm not typically a big movie watcher, but they've been speaking my language these past few months.

Saturday a girlfriend of mine is having a Valentines brunch. What a perfect idea. Valentines is the day of love right? Who doesn't love a good brunch!

I know Valentines is a total Hallmark gimic of a holiday but...if you can't beat em, join em!


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H246 said...

I want to see The Last Song. I just finished it a loved it! I wanted to read Dear John, but someone told me what it's really about and I'm not so sure.

Let me know how Valentine's Day is an awesome cast!