Sunday, February 14, 2010

These are a few of my fav. things: Condo Addition.

Happy Valentines Day sweethearts! Hope it's been delightfully special. : ]

Ok, so to give you all a small idea of my decorating style, I wanted to share a few of my favorite things in the condo thus far. Also this entry doubles as a deals and steals feature since nothing you will see pictures cost over 30 bucks...and most of them cost less than 10! : ] Yeah yeah, pat me on the back ya go:

I found this vase for...get this, 2.99! Love it. I just got it so it has no flowers yet. But ya know, it's in my bathroom anyway.

Isn't this cute? 5 bucks. Also in my bathroom (the master).

This striped shower curtain was a cheap find at HomeGoods. 12.99 I think? But I love it. Orange is the accent color in the that bathroom. ; ]

I love baths! So this catty was found at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Marked down from 70.00 to 19.99 but I had a coupon so it ended up being 14.99. : ] Oh and I had a giftcard.

Lamp on one end of my bed...from target. $29.

A pier one find. The hook was already in my ceiling. 20 bucks, but I had a giftcard.

Diamond branches. Also pier one...less than $1 a piece during the after christmas sale.

I love this vase. It looks like it's a weird color because of my flash. But it's actually the EXACT color of my wall. : ]

I have 2 of these...on on each end of my huge black dresser with vanity mirror. They were a little pricey...20 bucks each. But worth it.

Ok so there you have it. : ] Deals and steals from my 3rd floor. May have to show you some on the middle floor after my fab couch arrives Saturday!

Love ya!


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