Monday, February 22, 2010

The Party Planner Diary - The Intro.

You may remember from this entry that I was able to attend an event sponsored by Dove (beauty products, not chocolate). My fellow blogger Joy & I went to a spa day to learn more about Dove's newest discovery in skin maintenance, the piticure. Which was describe as a pedicure for your arm pits...

Not only did we have a blast hanging out with Rachel (who put on the shindig) but we enjoyed the process, picked up a new beauty regiment, AND walked away with some sweet free products. In the video from the entry I just linked too, you can see me going through my goodie bag. I use my Dove spa wrap when I go for facials now...instead of the community one. I also have several years worth of a stash of deodorant and honestly, will never use anything but Dove again. So overall, it was a great experience. As we wrapped up the evening and again when I e-mailed Rachel a copy of my blog post about the night I mentioned that if they were ever doing anything down this way again (she's up in Chicago), to give me a shout.

Ask, and you shall receive! Another gal from the same PR firm, Edelman, who represents Dove got in touch with me via e-mail last week with a new invite! After some e-mail dialog on Friday, I will be hosting a Red Carpet VIP party during the Oscars on March 7th, and it will be sponsored by Dove! I am insanely excited about it and growing more so with each and every detail I get from Kaley.

So, I've decided to do a series of blog entries leading up to the party, about the planning process. Since Dove is making my life easy, it will be fairly straight forward. I wanted to share with you because this is what I love! My events for work are obviously VERY different from this but events are events. I love them all. So this entry will serve to introduce what is to come, the party planner diary from now until the big event, March 7th.

Stay tuned & get excited.



MK said...

look at you and your glam self! im jealous :) xoxo

Ebony Jewel said...

I'm excited and I'm not even coming to the party! LOL

I love Dove products, they're just so freakin awesome!