Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Night of Pampering w/Dove.

Dearest Readers,

You may remember from this entry that I received an e-mail from Rachel at Edelman who works with the Dove Beauty account. She invited me to a spa night that would include trying a new beauty break through called, 'the Piticure'. Here's how she described it:
'Dove Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant would like to invite you to spend a luxurious evening at Sharmaine’s Salon & Day Spa in Clearwater Beach to get pampered with a manicure and pedicure. You’ll also be one of the first Tampa women to experience the newest beauty treatment, Dove’s very own “PitiCure.” Simply put, a PitiCure is to your underarms what a pedicure is to your feet. A PitiCure combines massage, exfoliation, cleansing and includes the application of Dove Ultimate Beauty Care, which cares for delicate underarm skin while providing effective 24-hour odor and wetness protection. After all, your underarms deserve the same spa-style pampering usually reserved for the rest of your body'


I was later invited to extend the invitation to a few blogging lady friends from the Tampa area and my friend Joy was as excited as I was. We met Thursday after work to head to Clearwater. Neither of us were entirely sure what to expect from this evening but we had a good feeling that complimentary spa nights are never a bad thing.

Armed with our old lady speed sticks for trade in, we entered the salon.

We are welcomed by Kristen from Edelman and the lovely ladies of Sharmaine's Salon. We were even able to meet Sharmaine herself. The salon by the way, is located directly on Clearwater beach! What a great idea. The salon was beautiful and Dove had done an incredible job of making a cozy, inviting set up. There was a delish assortment of food, drinks, and a warm glow from candlelight.

Joy & I were the first to arrive...perhaps a little over eager? Can you blame us? We were introduced to the ladies assigned to give us our first ever Piticures & given a large, lovely goodie bag. The bags included a spa wrap with the Dove logo to wear during our piti's (I'm going to go ahead and get that nickname started).

Want to know more about the Piticure? Watch the official video:

Here's Joy talking about our experiences with the Piticure, a process that involved massages, exfoliation, lotion, and Dove deodorant:

After our experience with the Piti we were treated to mani/pedis!

Don't think I forgot to show you what was inside those goodie bags!

I highly recommend you take a day to hit the beach in Clearwater and visit our new friends @ Sharmaines:

Sharmaines Salon & Day Spa

483 Mandalay Ave.

Suite 206

Clearwater Beach, FL 33767



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Ebony Jewel said...

I totally need a spa day, but don't think I'll be in Clearwater any time least not before the end of the year. Who knows what next year will bring! I still have to get you a picture for the contest!! I'm on it! TOMORROW! LOL