Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Calling All Readers.

I need your help readers...I've commited along with a good friend, Joy Engdahl, to read 50 books in 2010.  So you have probably guessed what I need help with...

I need you to give me some good ideas for books to read.  Comment or e-mail me titles, a lil description, and why you think it should make the list.




Newly Knable said...

Hi. Krista MacPherson (well that's the maiden name) here. Remember me? From one young professional to the next I recommend Basic Black by Cathie Black. Cathie Black is the President of Hearst Magazine. This is kinda an auto-bio and kinda a self-help for women wanting it all - career and family. She was our age when Feminism was at it's peak, so she's got some interesting stories. And don't think this is all "Look at how awesome I am and you should do everything like me" book. She's not ashamed to show where she was wrong. I hope you choose this one.

KT said...

Definitely read the Time-Traveler's Wife if you haven't already!

I also like Angels & Demons and I'm almost finished with The Lost Symbol and it's really good! Plus, it takes place in Washington, DC and you learn all about the hidden gems in the Nation's monuments!

Good luck!