Thursday, December 31, 2009

Highlights of 2009.

First off, as I write this I have posted 219 entries to my blog in the year 2009. So this will only highlight a few of my very favorites. However long you've been reading, I do appreciate you. I certainly don't write just to entertain myself. : ] So thank you for your support, comments, e-mails, suggestions, and love in 2009.

I started this blog on January 12th of 2009. So I have almost reached a full year at 'So Scared of Getting Older, I'm Only Good at Being Young'...creeping up on 9000 views! It has been a great year and I look forward to many more years of blogging and many more 'blog worthy' events in 2010!

For now, I'd like to highlight a few of the big events in my life (and blog) from 2009:

In January....

Changes - I wrote what I was expecting out of this year. Not so far from accurate. : ]

In February....

The Super Bowl Breakfast - I posted this entry about the Super Bowl breakfast which I was able to attend. It was a great morning with fellow believers and a joy to watch Tony Dungy be honored.

The Friendship Crisis - I wrote my first open, honest blog entries that explored what I was dealing with in my 20s. Later as I explored blogging more, my entries took this tone more often.

March was apparently boring.

In April...

A Bittersweet Return - I wrote one of my favorite entries, where I finally returned to Raymond James Stadium for the first time since Coach Dungy, Dad, and the rest of us were let go years ago.

In May...

Saving Babies - I was able, with your help, to raise $1500 to prevent Crisis Pregnancies in Tampa.

One Year. - I also celebrated then end of my first year in Tampa.

In June...

Bloooood. - I gave blood for the first time, and yes, had my picture taken with it.

In July...

Dear President Obama. - I wrote my first blog that had a backlash...but I'm still proud of it.

Young, Fabulous, and Broke - I also discovered a new topic that would later dominate quite a few blog entries to date, personal finance.

In August...

Seasons. - In August, I got a new job!

Hands. - I wrote my first blog that got published on other sites.

In September...

Mr. & Mrs. - My first ever roommate (at Purdue) got married! I took a little trip up with my girlfriends to see it all happen.

Hello 24. - In September I turned the big 2-4.

Review. - I did my first book review (well, where I got the book for free at least).

AND Enter Dave. - I started Dave Ramsey!

In October...

Titans Weekend. - I had my first event as staff with All Pro Dad.

In November...

Gold Digger. - I was a gold digger...well, technically it was in Oct, but I posted it in November.

Thoughts. - I read a lot.

Over Thanksgiving - I saw my family.

In December...

Night of Pampering. - I got invite to my first event because of my blog.

Don't Judge Me. - I finally wrote about the whole 'I don't want kids' thing.

Merry Christmas to Me! - I bought a house (condo)!

So there you have it. A great year in my life, and blog. 2009 was my favorite year yet and I truly believe, they're only going to get better from here.


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Ebony Jewel said...

Here's to a great 2010!! I'm sure we both have loads of awesomeness in store for us!