Tuesday, December 1, 2009

And then there were two.

I was asked by Rachel of Dove if I had any other young, 'influential', blogging friends I'd like to bring along for the Dove event Thursday! Sadly, Christina Sanders can't attend but thankfully my good friend Joy Engdahl (author of binding the broken) will be accompanying me. Both ladies I consider to be young (even though I like to tease Joy about being older than me) and both run fabulous, noteworthy blogs.

Joy & I both love a good freebie so a free spa night? Done & done. We've decided since we are curious ourselves about this 'manicure for your armpits' called a 'piticure' we will be taking a flip camera and getting a little video blog action. I even e-mailed Rachel from Dove for confirmation that we can document this interesting new phenomenon. Be excited. I haven't done a video blog in quite a while but I figure getting your armpits exfoliated is video worthy. Stay tuned for that.

Just wanted to share the fun news with you that I now have backup for Thursday's event. I am seriously looking forward to some time with the Dove group.


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