Friday, December 11, 2009


We have a winner for my 'pit stains' contest to win free Dove deodorant and the winner was so great, she's getting both the CONGRATS to Miss Ebony Jewel for creating this lovely image just for us...Even though she admitted to creating them not with actual sweat. They made me laugh so she wins.

I love her for participating. Great sport.

And being a Florida girl myself, real pit stains happen to the best of us...including celebs:

Oh Edward Cullen.

Real women may of curves...but it looks like America also has some sweat issues. Oops.

So my first ever giveaway is complete and I will be mail E.J. her prizes this week. ; ] I don't have immediate plans for my next giveaway BUT I am collecting ideas on a fun giveaway if my Colts make it to the Super Bowl and I get to go. So, if you have ideas, hit me up.

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Ebony Jewel said...

LOL I totally faked that, but it's alllllllllll good! I was lazy that week and didn't put much effort into my exercise, so I barely worked up a sweat...but hey nothing wrong with a lil water as a substitute! ;)