Thursday, December 17, 2009

I wanna dance the tango with chance
I wanna ride on the wire
Cos nothing gets done with dust in your gun
And nobody respects a liar
So goodbye for a while I'm off to explore
Every boundary and every door
Yeah I'm going north
- Missy Higgins

Well loves, I'm headed North for the 3 days to Jacksonville, Florida. I love a good roadtrip to clear my head and get myself out of my routine. A read a great book last month that talked about how we need to make a point of getting out of our routines because that's when God speaks to us best.

Whether or not you're a Christian, breaking routine, getting outside of your typical day-to-day life allows you to gain perspective. I try to take a roadtrip on which I drive alone a couple times a year for this exact reason.

While I'm there I will be supporting my Daddy at his game against the Jaguars with my friends Sarah & Mike. Sarah and I even had t-shirts made. So there will be plenty of pictures coming soon.

Until then...I'm going North.


Ps: if you want to see pictures along the way, tune into my twitter (

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