Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Camera Faux Pas - Two.

While enjoying a lovely night with Dove Thursday (see earlier entries) - I had my second major camera 
faux pas since I bought my new camera in September of this year. The first was when I accidently left it at the
Lodge in Soho here it was violated with obscene pictures in the bathroom before being returned to me a week later.
Yeah, awkward.

This time, I set my camera cord in a tea candle while enjoying a pedi. It burnt right through the strap before
the lady giving me a pedi said, I believe your camera is smoking! Oops. Above is a picture of me and my poor camera
who has thus far, had a rough life.

Poor thing.


1 comment:

Ebony Jewel said...

Wait...isn't this the new camera?! It's taking such a beating..already! LOL It's a Sony though, I'm sure it will deal well!