Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What makes blogging worthwhile...

What I love perhaps most about blogging is the chance to help others by sharing your own experiences. Last week I recommended some financial books that helped me get a feel for where I am now and where I want to be in the future.  With the help of great advice from the authors and from my own financially savvy parents - I got myself debt free, established a good amount of savings, and now am starting a new journey as a homeowner!  All this from 23 to 24 years old.  

After that post a fellow blogger took my advice, bought one of the books, and then wrote this entry.  She's also gotten a plan (thanks for the book) for paying off her credit card debt.  It's exciting to see 20-somethings get on board with good financial decisions.  And I love that blogging can inspire other people, just by sharing what you're going through yourself.


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Ebony Jewel said...

And to add to what makes blogging worthwhile....knowing you're not going through a situation alone!

Thanks for the inspiration!