Thursday, September 24, 2009

Enter Dave.

The adventure begins - the adventure being financial peace and freedom from money related stress.  In honor of being transparent here I was able to become debt free about 3 months ago now and I feel great about owning my education and my car...but what now?  I'm newly 24, I want to buy a condo, I have a great new job; how do I keep from screwing up in my finances? 

I started the Dave Ramsey course 'Financial Peace University' tonight with 2 of my gal pals.  You know me, I like to have backup.  Sticking to a budget can be war (between me and my desires) and I wasn't about to go to battle alone.  It is important to have friends who will push you to grow and also allow you to drag them along when you know it's time you grew up.

You may have heard the sayings that money is something that shouldn't be talked about...BUT according to the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad people who talk about money get money and people who don't, stay poor.  The point of taking this class is not to be rich but to be stable, smart, and responsible.  I know, unpopular ideas for my age range.

One thing that jumped out at me today was this stat - 70% of people in America are living paycheck to paycheck.  Right now, I'm one of them. That's what I want to avoid.  One of the steps that Dave Ramsey helps you through is putting away 3-6 months worth of money incase you ever need it.  That's probably the first big step for me since I don't have debt to tackle.  Budgeting so that I can save and have an emergency fund.  I refuse to live paycheck to paycheck, I'm going to find freedom.

I'll keep you posted as I (of all people) learn to stop spending on everything that catches my fancy.  It's time to start 'acting my wage', Dave Ramsey style.  Note: prayers are accepted...this could get ugly.


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Ebony Jewel said...

How do you keep from screwing up your finances? #1 - don't take any shopping advice from me! ;) #2 - invest in something worth your while (like the condo you want), #3 - stick to your (financial) guns, because if you don't you will fall into debt like the rest of the world. Now tell me - how'd you get completely out of debt?! I need to know!