Sunday, September 13, 2009

Props for honesty.

I was flattered to be tagged here for my honestly while blogging.

One of the biggest debates bloggers face when they first start out is choosing their audience. Do you let people you know read what you write, knowing that you're opening yourself up to judgement? Do you lock your blog and pick your viewing audience carefully so you can say anything and everything you want? Do you pick a 'blogger name' and let anyone who wishes read your blog but no one know your true identity?

That is the million dollar question for us blogsphere dwellers. And I was not without my own debate. Shop Girl (check my noteworthy blogs) addressed this a few weeks back. And honestly, it IS a tough call.

Eventually I determined for myself, that I am who I am. I totally and completely understand why people don't want to subject themselves to the criticism of the people they know...but I deteremined I could handle it. While I'm sure people have had plenty of questions about my blog... Why doesn't she blog more 'Christian stuff'? She actually watches Gossip Girl? Why does she talk about fashion so much? Does she HAVE to talk about football all the time?

The beauty of the internet is that anyone can read what I write, but no one has too. I was honored to be recognized by Helen and really appreciate the props. Thanks girl.  To the best of my writing ability I will continue to be honest with you all.  I don't write deep, heart string tugging entries often but when I write about my own life I will try to use my heart, not my head.  Or at least a combo of the two. 


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Shop Girl* said...

I love how you put that... people CAN read, but no one HAS to. So true.

Thanks for the shout out--it's something I'm still wrestling. I know that with my chosen profession it's "smarter" for me to keep my identity hidden, although in all honesty I'd rather just be me.