Sunday, September 27, 2009

Seaside Letters Book Review.

We join Tucker and Sabrina one year into an intense relationship via e-mail.  Each knows who the other is in real life but both believe they're still anonymous.  Tucker is the definition of a 'dream boy' and is confident that Sabrina is the love of his life. Sabrina's past haunts her and a long history of hurt keeps her from being able to open up but how long before her love for Tucker and his persistence will penetrate her hard exterior?

Denise Hunter weaves an intricate web of emotion's in Seaside Letters.  The story of Sabrina and Tucker will tug at your heart strings regardless of your experiences with love.  This story hits home for anyone who has felt unworthy, unlovable, or astonished by how far grace can extend.  I finished the book in three days. I couldn't wait to read how Hunter would bring the characters together in the end.  A great read, with a few unexpected twists.  I've already recommended it to every young lady at my office.  Hunter did Christian romance proud.  I give this love story 4 stars.

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