Monday, September 21, 2009

Mondays are for makeup v2.

Glamour said this month in a blurb about how to wear blush this fall: 'The new way to wear blush is more of a soft flush that starts at the apples, sweeps down across the lower part of your cheeks and is subtly blended so that it looks like your own rosy hue'.  Hmm, good to know.

Also, if you're looking for new blush colors the best list of colors for your complexion I found recommends the following...

Fair skin: Giorgio Armani in No. 3
Fair to Med: Nars in Orgasm
Med to Dark: Nars in Orgasm
Dark: Nars in Exhibit A

Also, try a cream blush for longer lasting, more natural color that won't fade.  Nars has great ones in a cream blush stick that are less messy than using your fingers.  But I don't mind the mess for the results so I use cream blushes from various brands.  As always, Sephora workers are a wealth of wisdom.  Don't feel bad asking lots of questions - they'd be bored without us nosey people anyway.

One more tip: if you drop your powder blush don't cry...get vaseline.  You can make lipgloss out of your mistake.  If it looks great on your cheeks it will look great on your lips as well.  Just something to keep in mind to save you after an oops moment.



Helen said...

I remember using eye-shadow to make cool lip gloss when I was about 13! Purple was SO hot right then!

Shop Girl* said...

I haven't worn blush since I was a little girl. haha! I see it on some people and think it works, but I always think it looks so awkward on me!