Sunday, September 20, 2009

Never say never.

You have probably heard it said, 'never do for free what you can do for work'.  Or some version of that quote.  Normally, I'm inclined to agree.  I would hesitate to ever recommend that you 'volunteer' to do work in your given field.  However, with all the gifts we're given we have the opportunity to bless people and sometimes the 'payment' you receive from doing this for 'free' is worth far more than the monetary value of your service.

Don't go rush off and offer to work a day a week for free or anything crazy...but consider how your gifts and talents can be used to bless people.  You may find that the person most blessed by the experience is you.  Not the reason to do it of course but a nice little bonus.  Besides what goes around comes around.

When I was studying photography in college I had the opportunity to do a really nice project for a family that was close to mine.  I was able to count the project both for school and bless them with hand developed photos of their kids that would have been outrageous if they'd paid a professional.  Normally, I charged people for my work.  I made a good bit of money doing freelance work while still in school studying.  This particular family however, I just wanted to do something nice for them.  They did feed me a great lunch of pb&j during the shoot too. : ]

To this day (it's been 5 or so years now) one of those pictures is hanging in their living room.  The husband was able to have it matted, mounted, and framed as a gift to his wife that year.  I can't tell you how many times they thanked me for my work.  Not to mention how wide spread the word about my skills got as they told everyone I made it for them.  If I'm being completely honest here, I had a blast.  I love their family and enjoyed spending a day with them.  Developing pictures of their boys was fun!  But most of all I'd never had a client that was grateful!  I felt blessed.

Recently this came full circle and a long time family friend of ours did me an even greater 'favor'.  I was not expecting it (nor was the family I helped) but when she blessed me with serving me free of charge (in her given field) it brought tears to my eyes.  I would have gladly paid and she would have been worth every cent and more.  But for her to take her gift and use it to benefit me with no reward to her, blessed my heart for days (not to mention my budget for this month)!

So my lesson of the day is just that - blessings are worth your time and effort.  Bless someone with your talents and I hope that each of you will also be blessed by someone else's.  


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