Sunday, September 27, 2009

(my) Best Buys of September 09.

I always hate to say goodbye to September it's one of my favorite months.  But with November and December just around the corner (Tgiving and Xmas!) I supposed it's ok to move on.  I found same great steals this month and I wanted to share them as a sort of goodbye to this month.  So here is the best of my September purchases...

This sweater from New York & Co.  I bought it when Sarah was in town for my bday and it's featured in the Deals & Steals section of the October In Style. : ] I was ahead of the game on this one.  I love this mustard color for fall.

Sorry for the homemade pics. : ] But I couldn't find these online.  This dress also from NY&Co got my oodles of compliments both at work and out on the town last week. : ]  One of my new coworkers even wanted it so bad I gave her my other coupon so she could get herself one.  Sarah decided after seeing it on when we hit Soho that she wanted it as well.  I promise it's better on than it looks flung on my bed. 

THIS little darling was my most excited find of September 09 - an Italian leather Abro bag!  These are hard to find and especially for a good deal.  But I snagged this on Clearance and I'm in love.  The pictures makes it look brighter than it appears in person (great new camera - can't help it) but it's really a Magenta-ish leather.  I've been wanting one this color since I found out this color was going to be big this fall and finally found one I could justify spending the $ for. Yay.

These I found at the DSW clearance this weekend. They were on the sidewalk sale rack and I love them. Thank you Nine West & DSW. I have a few great outfit ideas for these babies.
My new Sony Cybershot 12.1 pixels takes beautiful pictures. I sprung for the Carl Zeiss lense as well.  Love love love this. I also have a hilarious camera story for you all soon. Look forward to that soon.

My iTunes buys of this month that are now staples on my fall playlist? These include: Birthday by Flo Rida (the edited version, of course), Never Say Never by the Fray, I Gotta Feeling by Black Eyed Peas, and Paparazzi by Lady Gaga.



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Ebony Jewel said...

Okay, so let me just say that we are so much alike it's ridiculous! OMG! I think we are like sisters from another mother! LOL!

Here's why!

I bought that EXACT sweater from NY&CO a few weeks ago!

I went shopping this weekend, strictly for dresses & had planned to post a blog about it.

I have those same Nine West shoes, except a brown pair with brown jewels & a black pair with clear jewels!

I used to have that same 12.1 MP Sony camera, but got rid of it for a Cannon.


I just downloaded Never Say Never, I Gotta Feeling & Papazzi before I left my house so I could listen to them while flying today!

Separated at birth or something! Weird! LOL

Oh BTW, don't pay iTunes for music. I'll email you a website where you can get VERY VERY cheap music, I pay $0.15 per song, somewhere around $2 - $3 USD for a full CD. An international travel connection hooked me up with a SWEET website that he manages!