Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Super Bowl Giveaway Winner!

It's time to announce the winner of the Super Bowl Giveaway! First, I wanted to say thank you to everyone who commented, publically started following my blog, and especially those of you who have been following for a while and I just found out! I love blogging and I love my interactions with you all because of my blog even more. So thank you to everyone and if I could afford too, I'd be bringing each of you something back (or taking you with me)...I hope you know that!

I was most taken with the 2 entries in which someone asked to be the winner for someone else. What a sweet thought! That being said I have chosen Elisa's entry as the winner. She wrote:

Well, my entry isn't truly for me - but I do enjoy your blog and leaving anonymous comments on it -- I'm sure your guess was wrong.
My entry is for my almost 6-yr-old freak of nature son who has become "obsessed" -- his word, not mine with football. Today, at dinner, I had to explain to him when exactly February 7th is when the "Colts will play and win the whole season" - again, according to him.
Later tonight, he, completely on his own, traced a little tykes Zebra toy, cut it out and did his best to draw a horseshoe in blue.
Now that deserves a win!

And this is the picture Drew made:

Isn't it precious? I asked Elisa if I could put it up on my blog for you all to see. How could I not award the prize to someone who drew a green horse? : ] Love it! And my sisters and I were little football freaks ourselves not so long ago (ok, long ago..when I was young). So I guess I may have been a wee bit of a sucker for that.

So again, thank you to each of you who entered and I truly felt like each of you was deserving of a prize. Thank you for your friendship, support, and readership!



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too stinkin cute! a touching combination of pride and jealosy i have right now for my nephew!